Homer to Mohan-Lal

History talks about Writers, Free Thinkers, Prophets who spent a good part or may be the whole life dedicating themselves to the particular form of expression they have been following. OdysseyPopeTP1752Indulging in such an activity was without any perks and of course required a lot of drive and passion. We have heard of a long line of them like Homer, Socrates, Sappho, Plato, Daniel Defoe,  Shakespeare etc etc. One thing about them is they have inspired a good population of people by their artwork during their lifetime – simply because they had their own way of writing and their thought was not influenced by many. They end up being great writers or subjects of great writings.

Fast forwarding to the 21st Century we do have free thinkers and philosophers, only difference being – the access to knowledge and information has been so widespread that living like a philosopher has become tough, or may be less – of course thanks to education or education system which played the most crucial part. Not that we do not have writers, we do have legends living amongst us to this date. I am not a great reader of these books, but like any other – I read about writers and their books. That still doesn’t make me a reader or someone who follows what is happening in the vertical of literature.

So we have a great legacy of writers and free thinkers and if trace their roots, they can be easily put into an organogram which classifies them to some type, genre etc of writing. Simply stated we have fact and fiction and I am sure there will be a far more deeper categorization that can put these writers into each, including scriptwriter, playwrights and lyricists.Linkedin To summarize, they belong to an organized, well structured system which requires some formal standard or etiqueties to be followed to officially be a part of. That brings a question on the Online Writers – Bloggers, Social Media writers, Linkedin Post-makers etc.  If you formally add this to the original hierarchy of writers which I was talking about – this would be the most unorganized and clueless form without doubt. We do have a lot of professional writers or great writers who have migrated their platform to blogs. Blogs have been revolutionary – now anybody can write (yes that includes me too!). I have been a great follower of the articles/posts on the LinkedIn and also on Entrepreneur, but these are not for readers. These are for everyone – Anybody can read. This, for me are pure marketing tools. And there is a large bunch of FaceBook writers (Notes/Posts) who just writes (again including me) especially on platforms like Facebook which are out of the world. We sometimes feel like “oh! I should have never read this“, “can people be this stupid“.facebook-note That is of course expected, because that is what Facebook has become.

Since we started with Writers – let’s come back to blogs as in the current scenario this is some place we should expect – writers or simply quality bloggers. From my personal experience while I tried my luck on script writing I was talking to a good friend of mine on working on the story/script etc. Interestingly he started talking about the way of story telling – I was fascinated. He sounded like a professional and at the peak of them all, he shared a blog for me to read. I read through and was very impressed by the way the articles were written and just as I thought I would steal the idea, he gave the next shocker. Those blogs were original works by himself. Hazy Loo is the writer’s name and the last public blog was about 3 years old. This reinstated the fact that there are great writers of course on Blogs but since there are many bloggers its tough to be an identified blogger.

Given this, recently after moving into Kerala I was looking for someone to help in marketing of a project I was involved in. We wanted a professional blogger who can write about the project and create social media shares. Again on Linkedin I was able to find a lot of Freelance Bloggers, that too based in Cochin, India. That sounded fantastic for me as generally the remuneration should be much lesser compared to professionals in Bangalore, Mumbai or may be outside India and it would make communication a lot faster. I spoke to a lot of pursuits on Linkedin and some even responded, but to my amusement none of the had the quality of what we see on LinkedIn or anyway close to what my friend Vishnu (Hazy-Loo) had written. Over and above that, it also gave me an opening into a very new phenomenon here. It looked most likely be something only here in this part of the country as I have seen far better writers while I was in Bangalore.

Though I do not want to quote them here on of them had a name as Cuptosaucer  which was literally #$@%!. I was shocked the writer seemed to be earning some good money writing for organizations in Trivandrum and in fact the writer does part time freelance. The lady writer sounded so professional that she insisted on keeping her anonymity even while writing for me. For a blogger whose blogs were a “completely artificial expression or reaction to normal situations in her life explained in short sentences with dictionary-vocabulary which made article look like some ancient scrolls from red sea” that was quite too much to ask for. I could see a lot of effort as I had to do google search to find out the meaning of some of the words there and in the end I felt like my preliminary education in British English could not equip me in tackling this Verbal Bombardment called blog.

MohanLalI am sure if I had spent some good time searching for more, I would have met many like these. So thats where blogging has been, in fact I would like to take the example of Legendary Actor MohanLal’s Blog by name “The Complete Actor” which is an outcome of thoughts and expressions which comes natural to him. And he does it the way he likes it, he uses his mastery in Malayalam Language and he is most comfortable in writing with a pen and paper, so his blogs are just high quality images of his valuable short notes on events, happenings, thoughts, cultures etc that comes natural to him. That makes a deadly combination of a writer and a blogger.

Blogs should be natural, as all the finest creations of art were natural. (oh no.. then what about those movies ?) mm.. there are exceptions when the writers are professionals, not when you call yourself but when writing comes with creativity and free thought.

This blog happened in about an hour for a starter like me.



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