A Movie Review from LinkedIn

I have a work in progress article on Alphonse Putharen‘s blockbuster Premam (Malayalam Movie 2015). Reason for writing was just the way it stood out of other movies that was made for the same audience in the past 4- 5 years

Just about I gained some speed in writing the introduction, there goes a dedicated post on LinkedIn from a “I am different!” young professional from Cochin. And yes we are connected on LinkedIn.

Link to the Article : Premam Movie : a Personal and Social Review

A movie review on LinkedIn! That’s something like a soldier walking on boxers on the Republic Day parade. You humiliate the entire contingent while making a fool of yourself.

Below was my comment on the same :

“Great effort on an article. Do not think you may have that many audience in LinkedIn like other social media. But again, brave attempt on a professional network, but your entire organization’s goodwill is at stake like one of the comments above.

Two thoughts here :

1. Look at movies as a means of entertainment, you might find the answer. It is clearly visible that there is a huge majority who appreciate the movie including women. So the director hit a bull’s eye in understanding what his audience wanted.

2. I did not see anything in the movie that I could not relate too. 4 years since college, I have gone through everything that was there in the movie, even my wife found it normal. Though my dad was never the same as Renji Panickers character, he had the conscience to take things in the right way with respect to our age and never let the school or faculty get on my head or my that of my siblings for any reason.

Once again appreciate your article, try the same on FB you might get better views and responses. (Spell Checks, Grammatical Error Checks!!)”


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